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Not really had time up to now to update things on here but here is some things which I have been getting up to on my new course.

Firstly I went on a trip to the seaside town of Blackpool to look at the transportation and why it is so important for the tourists and the locals. I found that the transportation isn't a typical town transportation it is used for entertainment purposes in the way that people will get on a donkey to go up and down a beach and how people will use the tram for experience rather than convenience -- as we all know how slow they go :P

Following my second journey down to Blackpool, I wanted to find out whether the people of Blackpool actually did find the transportation a "thrill". We focused on looking at the trams, horse and carriage and the pleasure beach to allow me to compare the different responses. I found that it seemed that the kids were having the best time making new memories and the older people who recall their memories from the past. For example one woman said that she used to call the tram "the bone shaker" which makes it sound like a ride....Now where can I take this next....


Im Back!!

Summer is almost over and my first year in Interior Design has almost begun and I have just been sent my summer project, so I better get stuck into it!
BIRD NEST - choose your inspirational person. What bird do they have? MAKE IT!
Research here I come!



I can't belive this year is all over, it has gone so quick but so much work has been done to get to this point.
I am going to miss it :(
This is my final exhabition now and I am happy with it as this is what I wanted to do from the start :)
Bring on next year!xxx


The Final Week

I haven't been updating here for a while as I have been busy getting stuck into this final project, and its nearly coming to the end now.

Here are some of my most recent photos which I have been working on.
This isn't my final piece yet but working on it :)



I like the idea of covering something in a material that isn't usually used. This as an example of magazines spread across a wall as if it was wallpaper.


This hotel shows bits of detail against white walls which makes the room its own unique "boutique" style. This is something which I want to consider within this project.

Final Term

Update: Were now back in uni and work is becoming a lot more intense!
I am going into sampling now, trying to discover new ways of using materials.
I am a little confused about what area to go into for making my final piece but I am sure that all this research should get my ideas flowing to a final idea :)

To Do:
--Making screens from sketches
--Samples of new materials
--Keep making notes of ideas
--Try and go to see an exhibition this week!


♥ Sun

I am loving the summer weather at the moment! Just what we needed these Easter holidays! :)

Back to the backstreets...

Have only just realised I visited the backstreets again! From day too night :P x

Nature in Manchester

Combining nature and Interiors. I think that looking threw some of my photos which I have gathered from the journey around Manchester backstreets, there are some elements of nature that I could use in the FMP.


Hidden Detail

What can I find in the backstreets of manchester? What is always been there and never noticed before?

I spent a whole day walking around the backstreets to descover new things for insperation for this project. I took tuns of photographs including zoomed in images of detail, objects and landscape.


Wire Workshop - Take Two

By using the inspiration photos I created a wire structure.

Wire Workshop - Take One


Manchester - "give me inspiration"

Wonderland Room

An idea which I am working on at the moment it making a room from looking at an image or an object and was brousing the internet and found some rooms which reminded me of the film Alice in Wonderland. I like the statement colours and bold prints.


Alice in Wonderland 3D

This weekend I went to go and see the new 3D Version of Alice in Wonderland with some famous faces and what a dsapointment it was. The build up from last year was not worth it. The graphics were still impressive but didn't exactly need the 3D effect the majority of the film.

Final Project!

Final Project - this is it, the main project that I will be doing in my Art and Design Foundation Course.

I am currently writting my statement of intent and going threw possible ideas as I want to get this JUST right =)



My OBSESSION project is coming on really well. I am coming to a point where I am now experimenting with the materials which I have and combining it with light.

Also they are taking a lighting shape and seeing which ones work better than others. All have there strengths and weaknesses. -- I will show these experiments on here soon!

Combining the materials together has mainly been done by heat. Ironing and glue gun are the most successful ways of joining pieces together.

A new way of drawing workshop...

Cake Tins

Another material which I have chosen to use is Cake Tins. This was a very flexible material and was a lot easier to use to bend and make new and more imaginative shapes.

Studio Time



Still sticking to the recycled materials (Crisp Packets and Newspaper) I created shadow templates from acetate to create the possibilities of shadows from lighting.


Crisp Shadow


I haven't updated this for a while, but I'm still busy with all my OBSESSION work. I am currently looking more into the shapes and expanding the variety of materials I can use that can be recycled. Looking into plastic bags and Newspapers which are easy to get my hands on. Looking at the shadows that are produced also is more detail I wish to consider. Also how to produce this shape and connecting to materials together is another aspect which I am currently researching. (I will try and add some photos up soon!)


Recycled Dress

I made this dress last year out of an old dress and recycled magazines.


Making a product from recycled packaging.
Lighting and chandeliers came into mind as I believe that they can be the central feature to a room. The classic materials used are glass and crystal but have been developed onto metal and plastic.


My Shrine

The place which always gives my inspiration is looking outside my bedroom window.


Term 3

Second week of the project and things are coming together. I am playing around with different food packaging, anything I can find around the house, from crisp packets to tin cans. Looking at what objects I can make or interior designs from the resources I have found.

Random Photo Editing


What can I do with a juice carton?



OLD MEETS NEW - Old brick walls, Glass Balcony, Bold wall Hangingings