Now looking at all the research which I have covered it gives me a lot of ideas and spaces which I could consider making for Lucy.
There is aspects of BABL which I could include making, how someone would read to someone, where they would read it, how they could read something. Looking at the position on someone in the room. Why does someone need to stay sat ona chair or just stay restricted into a workshop to make these books and creative pieces. Why restrict yourself?
The workshop side is very important to Lucy and she travels to different places and book binds here books, even one she said to have made on a boat with a bit of spare floss she had. So this aspect of travel and a place.
There could be numerous ones of these around different view spots that people are local tro or people can visit.
Maybe BABL can be considered in the way that like people can leave me sages they can make the books in theses spaces and leave them there so people can read them themselves also.
Views will need to be considered.
Does the space change at night and in the light, are there aspects of the structure that can change or will it not be able to go into at night. -- this can also be looked at when considering lighting. Making most of the natural light and at night considering the artificial lighting.



Visited this lovely little town near by Leicester this weekend with my boyfriend and his parents. These are a few photos of the village I stayed in.


Sottovoce by Huub Ubbens

This is a nice idea by Hubb Ubbens who has created a little installation to cover people and you can almost become a part of the piece as well as go and explore it. I am not sure if this is supposed to be a shelter however this is a nice aspect to it that it can take weather into consideration or even in the summer it could be a shaded area. Something so simple of cones making a big bold impact down to its colour and size.

Exploded Globe of Light by Cinimod Studio

A place of refection. This is a place where at might you can look up to this instalation and relax. I love how just one light could change the scene and atmosphere of the room. Lighting is something which mainly can be concidered when it comes to what time in day the space is open or can it change over night and during the day?

Book Light

Lula Dot, the design studio of British designer Lucy Norman,

What else can you do with the paper pages of a book? Maybe it could create the actual structure of the room?


Toronto-based firm GH3 designed the Williams Studio on Stony Lake in Ontario, Canada.

100 Planos Architecture designed the Jorge Guedes’ House in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal.

Saunders Architecture have designed the Fogo Island Studios located on Fogo Island off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Creating a Space that can be anywhere. As Lucy has said you should be able to bind a book anywhere from her workshop to on a boat and with a bit of left over tooth floss. I like the idea of making ether permanent of a temporary space which can be in a place of reflection. Why limit yourself to four walls, a roof and floor.


Lucy's Space


Thomas Heatherwick's 'Spun' installation in Southbank Centre Square

Book Story

A little messing around with the camera for about 30 minutes.


Where to film this clip? Something with no fuss, simple and open.

Somewhere a bit more rugged and decaying?



This also is something which could be possible to use if I decided to include wording or creating a story with images. This is something that obviously would take a lot of time but would be a nice effect to try and include.


Damien Rice - Delicate (Sessions@AOL)

Acoustic music, is also something that reminded me of Lucy. This song may be a little slow but I think if I could find one a little less lyrical and using guitar it would be relevant.

Sigur Ros - Sæglópur (HD) Official Video

This song is also very realxed and a nature related song to me. I think that Lucy would appriciate this type of music to create the atmosphere in the working and the BABL space as it is realted, a great create and refective space.

Telepopmusik - Smile

This clip is more about the music and the imagry. Scenery and its beauty made even more with the elegance and chill out music attached to it.


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version - Official

LOVE this video! Ok Go always seem to have some of the best videos,the most creative and obviously most chalenging! I like show they use objects in a way to create the journey and this is deffinatly something I could try to unclude in the film making process. As there are many objects which she collects and that I have found that realte to her.

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse

This is showing someone walking an awfully long journey and taking small clips or pohotgraphs in the sameposition of their face, every place which he visits. He incuses the people who come and visit him, the people he meets and also shows his change in appearance (hair) over time.

I like how this shows a personal achivement and something which shows a journey over time and change.

Digitalism: Anything New

LOL this is from some people from my old college who made this for their media project. I thought that this was a good example of a journey from the start to the end of the day.The music resembles and changes the mood of the film. Hope you guys don't mind that I have added this to my blog :P

This wouldn't even just need to be the person included, it could be day to day objects seen throughout the day.

The Prodigy- Smack my bitch up

This also reminded me of this one but not being able to see the person.

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

I have always loved this music video,I like how it created a journey using numerous photographs and is all on one bed, making the mind think that they are moving when in reality is a still image one after another. This imagery also includes only textiles but making them into something more sold, like the pillows tun into steps, different types of materials turn into a train. It is telling a story.

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

This demonstrates something which is usually used for one thing and used and placed in a way to create something else. Belts can also effect the direction, movement and position which someone has to be.

I cannot believe they did this in one shot! -- on MTV live too!

Sony Bravia LCD TV Advert (Bouncy Balls) & "The Making of"

I cannot believe this was on the list. I love this song and advert, So simple but so memorable! I made my friend always play it acoustically every time they had their gaiter on them! :P x

Journey around the room...

I like the idea of making giving an instruction on how someone can travel and journey around the room. However I don't want to create different sections, so how is this done?
I want to look at how an instruction manual may help this?
How should someone walk around the room?
How should someone react.
Is the lighting influencing this?

http://www.min-oh.net/ (Walking, what makes you do this, change in how you do something)

Film Making.

The next step of the project is to create a short film that narrates your ideas/ elements of your concept.

1. Create a scenario and story line to create the concept. - Take photographs, Collect Images, make sketches and illustrate your ideas.

Points to consider…
- Does your film explore the ideology of a chosen protagonist?
- Is the film an exploration into how you would like your audience to experience
the work of your chosen concept?
- Narrate your space through the medium of film.

Lets get researching!


Joseph Cornell

I had completely forgot about this artist, I think that Lucy would relate this in the way that Joseph Cornell collected objects and presented them in boxes. I have used this artist nearly over 4 years ago now,so maybe this is an artist I could look to within this project.



A view from a window, depending on what you can see outside can give you different types of inspiration. The whether can change your mood. What you see can give you ideas and sometimes just the countryside and hill tops can give you an open mind and ready for some new ideas. This is something I could look into - especially with the permanent space as this would help while creating the work.

Staircare or Storage?

Vintage Books est.

With a lot of time digging through the loft cupboards I discovered some old books which all have their own story behind. I think that this is important to look into, even if I don't end up using as this is the main thing which Lucy's work turns to. Books. Some Poems, Shakespear, Bibles, Maps, Old letters, mainly things which are my parents or their parents and even a couple things their parents.

Book-binding Workshop.

I has such a good time in this workshop! Definitely will want to keep using this skill and to learn more book binding techniques.x


Natural or Artificial lighting?

I think when I am going to be looking at lighting, it will completely depending on what type of mood I am trying to create and I think depending on which subject I choose this will be very important to consider. I think when looking more at the temporary gallery space, this will highly depend on artificial lighting, which is usually apparent in gallery spaces. However if I was too look more at a living space for Lucy, or a studio space, natural light would be important and the way to create it will have to be highly considered.

Something for the cat.

designed by, Asahi Kasei. Not too sure if this would even work but such a cute idea to keep the cats entertained.


This grid chair by Jaebeom Jeong looked to me like a 3D drawing. Something that should be on paper as the wire thin lines look like pen lines.

Box Obsession

What is it?

D’espresso Cafe Interior by Nema Workshop Playing with the mind. I really had to look at this twice to get what it was.