Now looking at all the research which I have covered it gives me a lot of ideas and spaces which I could consider making for Lucy.
There is aspects of BABL which I could include making, how someone would read to someone, where they would read it, how they could read something. Looking at the position on someone in the room. Why does someone need to stay sat ona chair or just stay restricted into a workshop to make these books and creative pieces. Why restrict yourself?
The workshop side is very important to Lucy and she travels to different places and book binds here books, even one she said to have made on a boat with a bit of spare floss she had. So this aspect of travel and a place.
There could be numerous ones of these around different view spots that people are local tro or people can visit.
Maybe BABL can be considered in the way that like people can leave me sages they can make the books in theses spaces and leave them there so people can read them themselves also.
Views will need to be considered.
Does the space change at night and in the light, are there aspects of the structure that can change or will it not be able to go into at night. -- this can also be looked at when considering lighting. Making most of the natural light and at night considering the artificial lighting.

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