People Museum


Not really had time up to now to update things on here but here is some things which I have been getting up to on my new course.

Firstly I went on a trip to the seaside town of Blackpool to look at the transportation and why it is so important for the tourists and the locals. I found that the transportation isn't a typical town transportation it is used for entertainment purposes in the way that people will get on a donkey to go up and down a beach and how people will use the tram for experience rather than convenience -- as we all know how slow they go :P

Following my second journey down to Blackpool, I wanted to find out whether the people of Blackpool actually did find the transportation a "thrill". We focused on looking at the trams, horse and carriage and the pleasure beach to allow me to compare the different responses. I found that it seemed that the kids were having the best time making new memories and the older people who recall their memories from the past. For example one woman said that she used to call the tram "the bone shaker" which makes it sound like a ride....Now where can I take this next....