Wire Workshop - Take Two

By using the inspiration photos I created a wire structure.

Wire Workshop - Take One


Manchester - "give me inspiration"

Wonderland Room

An idea which I am working on at the moment it making a room from looking at an image or an object and was brousing the internet and found some rooms which reminded me of the film Alice in Wonderland. I like the statement colours and bold prints.


Alice in Wonderland 3D

This weekend I went to go and see the new 3D Version of Alice in Wonderland with some famous faces and what a dsapointment it was. The build up from last year was not worth it. The graphics were still impressive but didn't exactly need the 3D effect the majority of the film.

Final Project!

Final Project - this is it, the main project that I will be doing in my Art and Design Foundation Course.

I am currently writting my statement of intent and going threw possible ideas as I want to get this JUST right =)