My OBSESSION project is coming on really well. I am coming to a point where I am now experimenting with the materials which I have and combining it with light.

Also they are taking a lighting shape and seeing which ones work better than others. All have there strengths and weaknesses. -- I will show these experiments on here soon!

Combining the materials together has mainly been done by heat. Ironing and glue gun are the most successful ways of joining pieces together.

A new way of drawing workshop...

Cake Tins

Another material which I have chosen to use is Cake Tins. This was a very flexible material and was a lot easier to use to bend and make new and more imaginative shapes.

Studio Time



Still sticking to the recycled materials (Crisp Packets and Newspaper) I created shadow templates from acetate to create the possibilities of shadows from lighting.


Crisp Shadow


I haven't updated this for a while, but I'm still busy with all my OBSESSION work. I am currently looking more into the shapes and expanding the variety of materials I can use that can be recycled. Looking into plastic bags and Newspapers which are easy to get my hands on. Looking at the shadows that are produced also is more detail I wish to consider. Also how to produce this shape and connecting to materials together is another aspect which I am currently researching. (I will try and add some photos up soon!)