movement around the space.

Today I have been looking at how I would like people to able to move around the space.
Rooms I want to include were...
-New entrance,Toilets,Stalls- clothing, furniture, books, bricked brack, handmade gifts, Workshop space, Changing rooms, Tea room (day) Diner (Night) - All british food and drinks, Kitchen, Events hall (auction space, events).

-I wanted to think about how people can enter the space.
-At the moment there is no lift and just a stair case that goes up to each of the floors. I want to add a lift so that it is accessible for everyone.
-As the events that will take place in the space, they may need to be open during the day and night and may not apply with the below floors opening hours. A Separate entrance that can be entered with a separate entrance would be essential.
-To add to that point. I wanted children and schools to get involved with the workshops so having a separate entrance will not disturb the public viewing the current exhibitions.

-I want the toilets to be near the entrance of the space so that they are separated from the kitchen and workshops but are easy to access and find.
-Men, Woman and disabled toilets.

-The first thing I want people to walk into is the stall section, so that they can immediately get the feeling of what the space is about. (Community gathering together with all the different charities)
-Bricker Brack
-Handmade gifts.

-I would need to link theses with the clothing stalls

-I wanted this to be open and clearly seen by the people shopping the in the stalls.
-Open during the day selling all british food and drinks.

-need to be linked to this space also for the dinning events to be able to be prepared there.
-Only open for the volunteers.

-I want there to be enough space for small groups to be able to make handmade gifts
-They can use the un-sellable items and try and make something else out of them.
-Car making- for example for times of the year...christmas,valentines day, fathers day.. est.
-Open for everyone, but would have to be booked as there will be limited space available.

-I want this space to be able to be changed into many different things.
-Auction room, so charity auctions can take place with some of the items that or donated.
-Charity events, people can use the space at night for events the people purpose to raise money. (Dinners, dancing est.)

I want the space to be very open and inviting.
I want it to be very organic materials to enhance the items that will be put in the space.
I want it to be all about communication. So people can easily communicate with each other to create a community within the space. I will have to think about all of these points while planning the space.


More president images....

google business street views - //www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/16/view/17348/google-business-street-views.html

dumas: tamtam light for market :/www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/8/view/17424/fabien-dumas-tamtam-light-for-marset.html

architecture-lab: utsunomiya-U - http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/9/view/17472/architecture-lab-utsunomiya-u.html

Samuel Wilkinson: Mantis desk -://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/8/view/17683/samuel-wilkinson-mantis-desk.htm

Polymorphic is a kinetic installation

Mim Design have completed the interior design for a cupcake shop in Melbourne, Australia.


President Images...

Moodroom concept has now opened with a studio-workshop in the complexe du canal Lachine in Montreal, Canada.

This image is of a studio concept in Canada. I liked how the items were placed in the room and the antique and organic feel.

Australian architect Matt Gibson has designed a shop interior for the fashion retailer Fame Agenda, located in the Docklands of Melbourne, Australia.

Polish designers Paulina Stepien and Magdalena Piwowar of Wunderteam, have designed a café and bookstore for the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, Poland.

InHouse Brand Architects designed the interior for the Carne restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa

The start of the Lisbon Project.

Term two and a new project. (I haven't been able to upload my final sheets for the last project as the files were too big but will find a way around it soon).
Our new project is biased on British Culture and we need to take something from Britain and bring it to the Lisbon community.
After much research about Lisbon and Britain. The similarities and differences. I came across the idea of introducing Lisbon the the British invention of "Charity Shops". They do have one that I could find quite far out from lisbon. However in comparison, Britain has developed this culture a lot more than this city. I want to show how important this can be and how it can bring a community together.
In the Clip I was able to interview some of the volunteers and managers from some of the charity shops that are local to myself. (Thank you again for this help!) Oxfam, Barnardos, St Ann's hospice and The British hear foundation were kind enough to answer some quick questions about working in the Charity shops, what the charity shops were about and why Lisbon should enhance this in their city.
All of this research made me consider everything that is already there in charity shops and what more could be added. The building which we are designing is the MUDE design building so I wanted it still to be a place people could come to, browse, shop and get involved. Making it a space for people to interact is also very important in creating the community vibe.

Mude Gallery

This link just made me think of how a charity shops could get the volunteers and the public involved in some of the making of the products and making them more personal.

Rooms I want to include
-New entrance - stair and lift access
-Stalls- clothing, furniture, books, bricked brack, handmade gifts.
-Workshop space
-Changing rooms
-Tea room (day) Diner (Night) - All british food and drinks
-Events hall (auction space, events)
Outdoor space?

The workshops would relate to what is already in the building as people could make new products or designs from existing products. Showing new and current design made in the building.



Deansgate Chapel

This is the building which we had to design for our new project, "Future ageing".


Our view from the hotel.



The four other rooms. Everyones turned out so good! :)

Homage of the phones.

View <3

Museo de Aqua

Gallery Space

Walking to the graphic exhibition



The Square.

We got the chance to go to Lisbon this year! It was defiantly a city I have always wanted to visit.
When we got there we were signed up for a workshop with the experimenter group and the title was "Useless". We started off by collecting wasted and"useless" objects from around the old, grand building. We then got put into 5 groups and had top create an installation using these found objects. We were also working with some students from Lisbon. It was a complete success and would defiantly return to the City again.
Had lots of laughs!!!


Manchester Tour

In the first term back at University, we started it with a tour around Manchester. It was really nice to hear about the history of the different architecture and the hidden spots in Manchester. It was such a lovely day as well!