To complete the model making, I had used filler into all of the gaps on where I have connected the pieces together. and did an extra layer of paint to hide these markings. The letters were all stuck onto the model in a way that they can be viewed in different angles.

These images show the model in different places as I wanted to make sure that this model can be moved into different places so that people can see the feelings of others in different atmosphere, to the country to the city.



Letting was another important aspect to the model which I wanted to include, as in a book there are letters, words and story's which can help people feel better (BABL). So the words I want to include are to expain what to do and some which may inspire people.

Putting pieces together.

Temp. Pieces together usuing glue gun and tape to see if the pieces are correct.

Cutting and Painting

'each of the walls double painted in white paint'

Once all of the pieces has been carefully cut out by hand and the angles had been shaped in, I wanted to start by putting a base coat onto each individual piece. I decided to use the pure colour of white, which associates with the pages in a book as I want to create some sort of 'paper like' structure folding out.

Whilst making sketch models, I wanted to discover the structures that I can create from re-using books from charity shops and digging through my loft. I like all the different textures and shapes I could create from just bending and cutting into the pages. Changing something flat into something that isn't. Pages do not just need to be looked at as just a flat image.

A reflective space.

Love how this is so simple but the atmosphere that could be created within this interior would be amazing. It takes the same idea I want to include about making it moveable and can change the surroundings.