When looking over Lucy's blog I noted that there was some poetry, I can see how this would be relevenet as most poetry have a hidden story and depening on how you read it it can show different meanings. This is something which could be useful to use when it comes to the text, or creating a story within the room.

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below Shakespeare Hamlet



BABL was something which I had not heard of before until the start of this project. I did some research into it, and it seems to be another form of therapy for people with slight depression or people who are stressed.This was done by getting people to read a book out loud to make them feel better. I think this is a lovely way of thinking and something which is obviously important to Lucy and what thrives to do. She includes books that are her own and other artists and people can buy, borrow or swap the books. She travels around in her car or now her new van. This space which I could create could be ether a transient space or a temporary.


Narrative Objects - story letting and staging.

Back to University today and I am so ready to get stuck into another project after a long 6 weeks off over Christmas! -- I sure have missed it!
The project is called Narrative Objects - story letting and staging. Our protagonist is Lucy May Schofield who is an artist and a book binder. Lucy makes objects into house stories that may otherwise go untold. In creating narratives, she accompanies the viewer on a journey, often manifesting in an installation, multiple or artist's book.

My options on what I could create is-
1. A Permanent space for Lucys Bibliotherapy
2. A Transient (travelling) space.
3. A Temporary space (Installation/experience/exhibition)

This is this means I need to get onto the Internet and into the library and get some research done!


Winter Break to Chester

Me and my boyfriend both went to Chester over the Christmas holidays to have a nice break off to relax and explore a town. We visited the Grovner Museum, The race Courses and walked all around the walls. Would have been nicer if it was still snowing around though :P x

Final Models

I know I have just skipped a lot of work, but once I have got my porfolio back I will be getting some more photos of my work onto there. I decided to make my model out of timber and aluminum. This is so that wherever the space will be it is hard wearing and will be something to stay in Blackpool for a long time and the light metal so that the walls can be changed around so that the exhibitions can be changed around. I am really happy with the final outcome, especially being only my first time messing around with these materials and just discovering my style. :) x

Madrid Trip

Madrid was just amazing! We went for a university trip early November and I will definitely be returning.

Winter Nights

Sketch Models.

Before doing any sketches the best way to start a model is getting a simple material - card - and seeing what shapes you can come up with. This was the perfect thing for development combining the models together or seeing what worked and what didn't.
I had developed my research by looking more into transport and their stations or stops. They usualy are long and thin so this is something I wanted to incorporate in this model. These are a couple of examples which I had done.