Recycled Dress

I made this dress last year out of an old dress and recycled magazines.


Making a product from recycled packaging.
Lighting and chandeliers came into mind as I believe that they can be the central feature to a room. The classic materials used are glass and crystal but have been developed onto metal and plastic.


My Shrine

The place which always gives my inspiration is looking outside my bedroom window.


Term 3

Second week of the project and things are coming together. I am playing around with different food packaging, anything I can find around the house, from crisp packets to tin cans. Looking at what objects I can make or interior designs from the resources I have found.

Random Photo Editing


What can I do with a juice carton?



OLD MEETS NEW - Old brick walls, Glass Balcony, Bold wall Hangingings


York ♥

Christmas holidays - YORK. I went around the town visiting the art gallery, castle museum and the local Christmas market.

Interior Design - Designing an existing space


Obsession is the new project we have been given for our first term back after christmas.
I have decided to look at the obsession food which has many different directions and things to concider.
- Eating Disorders
- Food in the media
- Healthy/Unhealthy foods
- Chefs
- Packaging (Recycling)