I like the idea of covering something in a material that isn't usually used. This as an example of magazines spread across a wall as if it was wallpaper.


This hotel shows bits of detail against white walls which makes the room its own unique "boutique" style. This is something which I want to consider within this project.

Final Term

Update: Were now back in uni and work is becoming a lot more intense!
I am going into sampling now, trying to discover new ways of using materials.
I am a little confused about what area to go into for making my final piece but I am sure that all this research should get my ideas flowing to a final idea :)

To Do:
--Making screens from sketches
--Samples of new materials
--Keep making notes of ideas
--Try and go to see an exhibition this week!


♥ Sun

I am loving the summer weather at the moment! Just what we needed these Easter holidays! :)

Back to the backstreets...

Have only just realised I visited the backstreets again! From day too night :P x

Nature in Manchester

Combining nature and Interiors. I think that looking threw some of my photos which I have gathered from the journey around Manchester backstreets, there are some elements of nature that I could use in the FMP.


Hidden Detail

What can I find in the backstreets of manchester? What is always been there and never noticed before?

I spent a whole day walking around the backstreets to descover new things for insperation for this project. I took tuns of photographs including zoomed in images of detail, objects and landscape.