The start of the Lisbon Project.

Term two and a new project. (I haven't been able to upload my final sheets for the last project as the files were too big but will find a way around it soon).
Our new project is biased on British Culture and we need to take something from Britain and bring it to the Lisbon community.
After much research about Lisbon and Britain. The similarities and differences. I came across the idea of introducing Lisbon the the British invention of "Charity Shops". They do have one that I could find quite far out from lisbon. However in comparison, Britain has developed this culture a lot more than this city. I want to show how important this can be and how it can bring a community together.
In the Clip I was able to interview some of the volunteers and managers from some of the charity shops that are local to myself. (Thank you again for this help!) Oxfam, Barnardos, St Ann's hospice and The British hear foundation were kind enough to answer some quick questions about working in the Charity shops, what the charity shops were about and why Lisbon should enhance this in their city.
All of this research made me consider everything that is already there in charity shops and what more could be added. The building which we are designing is the MUDE design building so I wanted it still to be a place people could come to, browse, shop and get involved. Making it a space for people to interact is also very important in creating the community vibe.

Mude Gallery

This link just made me think of how a charity shops could get the volunteers and the public involved in some of the making of the products and making them more personal.

Rooms I want to include
-New entrance - stair and lift access
-Stalls- clothing, furniture, books, bricked brack, handmade gifts.
-Workshop space
-Changing rooms
-Tea room (day) Diner (Night) - All british food and drinks
-Events hall (auction space, events)
Outdoor space?

The workshops would relate to what is already in the building as people could make new products or designs from existing products. Showing new and current design made in the building.


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