If I was to think back to the Permanent space. The main thing I remember is the long list of things which Lucy wanted to include into her Studio. Somewhere to bind books, a place for 10 people to be able to sit, have a cup of tea, a area to be able to store all the books which she collects and the collected random collected objects. As the space is going to be varied I will need to consider how to compact some of the space and how to create the different areas which she wants.

This Artist is a great example of keeping a lot of items in one small area, making the most of a space. Keeping everything compact would be a good idea to keep in mind.

This image reminded me a little bit also about her box obsession and how she liked to keep everything in boxes.

The Hidden essentials of everyday life compact into a wall - the things that are functional but not the most attractive of things such as the toilet and washing machine.

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